Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Vinyl Replacement Windows with Triple Pane Glass

The North Country Window Collection’s Double Hung Triple Pane Vinyl Replacement Windows transform the extraordinary insulating power of uPVC vinyl construction into fusion-welded frames and sashes that provide strength, durability and years of performance. These durable double hung replacement window frames and sashes are then filled with Dow Blue* High R-Density Extruded Polystyrene Insulation at critical points to maximize your home’s energy efficiency and comfort.

Double Hung Window Features:

Solid uPVC Vinyl Construction,This low-maintenance material will not dent, scratch or corrode like aluminum and wood materilas. It remains color fast throughout the material for a beautiful, long-lasting appearance. Vinyl also provides your replacement windows superior insulating value.

Four-Point Fusion-Welded Frames and Sashes, Eliminate separations and leaks, supplying your double hung vinyl replacement windows maximum strength and energy efficiency.

Parallel I-Beam Construction, The same technology used in bridge design is utilized to create a dramatically stronger double hung replacement window mainframe system.

Contoured Interior and Exterior Sash Design, Clean interior lines create a ‘picture frame’ appearance similar to that of traditional wood windows.

Easy-Flow Weight Management System with Draft Sentry, A weight management system that utilizes the identical cord material used in mountain climbing. This balance system enables you to easily operate your double hung window’s sashes. The Draft Sentry Plug prevents air from entering through the double hung window’s balance tracks and into your home.

E3-Max® Glass, a triple pane low-emmissivity glass and krypton gas insulating glass unit with Super Spacer Warm-Edge technology. All North Country double hung windows with our E3-Max triple pane glass system are ENERGY STAR® qualified in all 50 states.



Security is definitely a priority in the design of the North Country Triple Pane Double Hung Vinyl Replacement Window!

At the sash meeting rail, Dual Recessed Locks and Double Strength Stainless Steel Keepers are attached to the Exclusive Power Bar structural reinforcement. Unlike other designs in which the keeper is just screwed onto the vinyl, the North Country Double Hung Windows’ stainless steel keeper is recessed and pinned into the vinyl, making it extremely difficult for intruders to pry open.

North Country Double Hung Windows feature Dual Recessed Tilt-Latches that provide clean sight lines and easy access to the sash tilting feature, enabling you to safely clean your windows from the inside of your home.

North Country Double Hung Replacement Window’s Dual Security Night Locks exceed the AAMA forced entry test in the venting position, enabling you to safely ventilate your home with peace of mind.



Picture at right illustrates the North Country Double Hung Vinyl Replacement Window’s unique “By-Pass” Meeting Rail, designed to provide an unobstructed view.

Also shown is the North Country Double Hung Window’s Full-Length Dual Wedge Interlock with Exclusive Power BarTM reinforcement, providing superior sturctural integrity and air tightness.

Double Finseal Woolpile Weather-Stripping is also at the window’s meeting rail to provide a blanket of thermal protection.



Triple Wall Vinyl Lift Rails, These full width lift rails assure effortless double hung window sash operation. Dow Blue* Foam also shown.

Sloped Weather-Inhibitor Sill, This internal water management system is two and one half times more resistant to water penetration than other frame designs, such as the Cut and Notch.

Double Foam-Tite® Seal on Sill, Creates a weather-inhibiting barrier.